Patents – We have an issued patent “Wearable Soaking Garment”:  #10,682,283 and 2 design patents pending.

Sitz BathWear, LLC is located in Plymouth MN and manufactures wearable sitz bath soaking garments as an alternative to the bathtub and plastic bowl that rests on the toilet. Our mission is to help men and women soak their private area while in the shower, sitting on the toilet, or sitting on a bath chair. While in the shower, there is a constant ability to refresh the warm water for a soothing sitz bath. These products are made in the USA, and the fabric shell that holds water is CPSIA government certified (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) that requires manufacturers and importers to show that these products do not have harmful levels of lead and phthalates. Other materials include nylon/polyester elastic and hook/ loop material for comfortably securing.

Whether a man or a woman, we at Sitz Bathwear, LLC hope you will consider using Sitz Bathwear to help relieve genital or rectal related pain. It’s easy to wear, easy to fill with limited water, and easy to clean!