Why Sitz Bath Shorts and Wrap-On Briefs?

The word sitz derives from the German word “sitzen,” which means “to sit.”

Until now the only way to perform a sitz bath was in the bathtub or on a plastic sitz bath bowl that rests on the toilet.

A Sitz bath is a method whereby a man or woman SOAKS their lower pelvic or perineum area with warm water or a mixture of warm water/Epsom Salt/Essential oils to relieve pain. Taking a Sitz bath temporarily relieves discomfort for many perineum related issues by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow. For men it can help prostate related issues such as Prostatitis, Epididymitis and BHP, Urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, and other genital/rectal pain. For women it can relieve menstrual cramps, itching, postpartum aches and pains, hemorrhoids, and other genital/rectal related aches and pains. A Sitz bath can also be used for daily hygiene both men and women.

Here are links the Mayo Clinic and WebMD regarding Sitz Baths.



What are Sitz Bath Shorts and Wrap-On Briefs?

Sitz Bath Shorts must be pulled up through the legs
They hold slightly ore water than the Wrap-On Briefs but are not leak proof and must be worn in the bathroom.

(For Bathroom use only)

Sitz Bath Wrap-On Briefs can be worn without lifting legs and should only be worn in the shower, on the toilet, or on a bath chair in the tub/shower.

(For Bathroom use only)

Sitz Bath Shorts and Wrap-On Briefs are wearable soaking garments made from CPSIA certified fabric (65% polyester and 35% polyurethane) in order to hold water against the skin. (CPSIA stands for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), regulations that are intended to make products for children under age 12 safer by requiring manufacturers and importers to show that these products do not have harmful levels of lead and phthalates.) Other materials include elastic and hook/loop material for comfortably securing the leg flaps and Waist bands. Sitz Bath Shorts and Briefs are made for comfort and easy use in the bathroom only.

They are intended to soak the perineum area of the lower pelvic region only. Genitals, Anus, and Rectum.

Sitz Bath Shorts and Wrap-On Briefs can be used in the shower or by pouring water in from a container. It can also be used on the toilet or on a Bath Chair for Hemorrhoids. (Important note: These garments are intended for Bathroom use only. Shorts and Briefs are not leak proof. If using shorts outside the shower/toilet/or tub, place a bath towel on the floor. Epsom salt and/or essential oils can be added to water if desired for the Shorts and Briefs

WARNING: Do not put on or take off shorts or briefs in a slippery shower/tub. Slip on and take off the Sitz Bath Shorts or Briefs outside the shower/tub or make sure you are standing on a slip proof tub mat.

What is the difference between Shorts and Wrap On Briefs?

With Shorts you must lift your legs to wear and the thigh size is limited. However, Shorts hold slightly more water an may allow you more flexibility to wear outside the Shower, such as in front of the sink. (BUT THEY ARE NOT LEAK PROOF).

Wrap-On Briefs are more easier to wear. You do not have to lift legs to wear. They hold slightly less water than shorts and must be worn in the Shower/tub or on the Toilet. (NOT LEAKPROOF.)